The Holy City Sermons

Rev. Richard L Tafel

My Recording

June 16th, 2017

My Recording St. Luke, Chapter 7, verses 11 through 17: So the story of the Widow of Nain is pretty dramatic. It raises some interesting questions for me that I'd like to talk with you all about. Jesus has just, if you remember, healed the slave for the Roman officer and we've shifted from the Gospel of St. John to the Gospel of Luke in our readings these last couple weeks. And one thing you'll notice in the difference between the Gospel of Luke and the Gospel of John; they're both the story of Jesus, is that John is the more mystical, more spiritual Gospel. A lot of people would say the more Swedenborgian Gospel, and Luke is known historically to be a physician and it's a healing gospel and it's full of miracles whereas John doesn't have as many. So that's an interesting difference. So we're hearing a lot of healing and this is our second healing and this is a resurrection from the dead

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