The Holy City Sermons

Rev. Richard L Tafel

Standing Firm When Everything Changes

June 16th, 2017

STANDING FIRM WHEN EVERYTHING CHANGES The gospel story today from Luke is not a feel good, happy story. In the story, Jesus tells the disciples that are admiring this beautiful temple, looking around at the beautiful glass, the beautiful gold; everything is great and Jesus is, in modern words, a sort of Debbie Downer. He says "This is all going to collapse. Everything you see will fall and..." "Wow, we were just admiring the building Jesus and then you have to tell us that all this is going to collapse?" And if that's not bad enough, Jesus goes even further and says "And you will be tried and some of you will face death and a period of destruction and change is coming in your lives unlike anything you can imagine." So quite a dramatic story, not the sort of uplifting, happy story that we kind of like to watch at the movies but a story of great change. He ends the story by saying but do not worry for God is with you in all of this and I will be with you in all of this. 

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